We operate in districts in Slovakia: Bratislava, Pezinok, Senec, Trnava, Zvolen and B. Bystrica


We offer our services in handling:

  • zoning decisions
  • building permissions
  • occupancy permit decisions
  • changes in building use

We provide for you:

  • building and other permits
  • the statements of the authorities concerned
  • the statements related to utilities networks
  • matters relating to the construction or purchase of real estate

When buying a property we can:

  • check zoning and planning information
  • verify the zoning plan of the municipality / town
  • verify the existence of networks etc.

We solve both residential buildings and commercial buildings (showrooms, warehouses, etc.). We can also provide the documents you would need e.g. in the case of a permit for the removal of the construction, legalization of the construction, etc. We can help investors with the purchase of land, their consolidation and property-legal settlement. We cooperate with the architect in the development of the urban study for the site. We provide complete engineering services from the development of architectural studies to building permits for engineering networks and constructions. We also provide communication with the land registry (cadaster) and surveyor (geodet). We also offer comprehensive services in real estate business.

We will save your time and money!



We are a professional real estate agency operating on the real estate market in Slovakia since 2002.

We are engaged in selling and renting commercial and residential real estate,

engineering and real estate consulting.

Our responsible and professional work brings joy and satisfaction to our clients.

Quickly and efficiently we provide complete engineering and real estate services.

Our consulting services help customers solve their problems. related to real estate.

Your satisfaction brings us the joy of our well done work.

Use our knowledge, rely on professionals!

Ing. Ľubomíra Lacková

CEO of Kľúč RK Ltd.

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